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Scratch Cards

Sintel Security Print is able to fully comply with the exacting standards that mobile operators request across their range of products. In addition we are able to offer variations of product and packing that will meet the same standards but will allow for financial savings for mobile operators. Due to its customized machines, Sintel's printing capabilities for recharge vouchers facillitates it to provide an option of a laminate in-line, on the recharge voucher. The in-line lamination on the back of the card over the scratch panel ensures protection against water & dampness and mitigates overscratch.
Our use of a Flexo Scratch panel allows for many advantages over conventional panels and foils such as:

  1. - Provides for a protective coating over the pin.
  2. - Customised over printing on the scratch panel.
  3. - No peeling or pasting of the panel.
  4. - Allows for multiple scratch panels on a single card.
  5. - Offer a smooth Latex scratch.
  6. - Layered obscuration or confusion panels.
  7. - No over scratch issues.
  8. - Can be utilised for irregular and varying sizes of scratch panel.
  9. - Use with security inks to provide a security features.

Sintel has the ability to undertake the insertion of promotional recharge vouchers with the existing scratch cards. Our automated packing line allows for a multitude of variations for packing solutions which will cater to any customized packing requirement.

Additional printing of logos and information on prepaid vouchers, as well as serialization that allows track and trace of product poses no challenges to Sintel. Product reports on artwork variations, production, packaging and distribution can be generated by Sintel and forwarded to prospective customers as and when requested.

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Additionally we are also able to produce formats that increase the number of pins per square metre by utilising 25, 50, 105 and 120 pin formats - this in turn reduces both production and packing costs which translates to a reduced per-pin cost and savings in freight and logistics.

To further enhance our product mix and to be proactive with the needs of the security printing industry, we have a high speed customized web press. This machine is fully customized and configured for Security printing.

Sintel is proud to be a business partner with Safaricom Limited and Telkom Orange.

Safaricom Limited

Sintel manufactures all formats of scratch cards for Safaricom - 10 in 1 (Bamba 5/-, Bamba 10/-, Bamba 20/-), 4 in 1 (Bamba 50/-, Bamba 100/-, RCV 250/-), 2 in 1(RCV 500/-) and 1 in 1 (RCV 1000/-).

Orange - Telkom Kenya LTD

We also manufactures all formats of scratch cards for Telkom Orange - 10 in 1 (gsm 20/-, 50/-, 100/-) and 1 in 1 (gsm 200/-, 500/- 1000/-)

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